• Google Analytics Embed API Highlights

    Linda Lawton - September 24, 2014
    Google Analytics Embed API Highlights

    The Embed API isn't just a javascript library mashed up with Google Charts, or is it? It might be, but what really grabbed my attention is that it is EASY, you can have a dashboard laid out and set up in a matter of minutes, even if you don't know much Javascript.

  • Facts vs. Stories [cartoon]

    LOR - September 17, 2014
    Facts vs. Stories [cartoon]

    Analytics is just like Science, the interpretation of facts is what makes data actionable and understandable. When reporting on a new insight, always make sure to bring it down to a story so that it can be used effectively.

  • More Context With Google Analytics Benchmarking

    Daniel Waisberg - September 11, 2014
    Google Analytics Benchmarking Tool

    Google Analytics Benchmarking is extremely valuable tool in that it provides the necessary context to show you if your increase (or decrease) is not only a result of your actions, but of a larger trend in the industry.

  • More Actionable Google Analytics Tips

    Daniel Waisberg - August 11, 2014
    Actionable Google Analytics Tips

    Early this year I published an article with 10 actionable Google Analytics tips. Since then, I wrote a few dozen posts on my weekly tips on the official Google Analytics Google+ page. In this article I share the top 10 tips from January to June.

  • Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics: A Case Study

    Kristoffer Olofsson - July 29, 2014
    Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics

    In this post, Kristoffer Olofsson covers some of the benefits of using Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics, as well as have a look at how they are leveraged in practice by startup 'The Beta Family', a crowdsourcing platform for beta testing apps.

  • Dashboard for AdSense Performance Analysis

    Daniel Waisberg - July 22, 2014
    AdSense Performance Dashboard

    In this post Daniel Waisberg describes a dashboard that can be used to measure your most profitable channels, pages and demographics when it comes to AdSense revenue. He also shares a link to download the dashboard using Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics Demographic Segmentation Techniques

    Jeff Sauer - July 8, 2014
    Google Analytics Demographic Segmentation Techniques

    By my unofficial count, there are approximately a million ways to segment your users within Google Analytics. One of my favorite segments for predicting future success is looking at the demographics reports, because they allow us to look at the age range and gender of our customers to a great level of accuracy. Learn how to make the most out of it.

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